About Us

Water Dispenser & Purification Company is importer, wholesaler & retailer of Water Dispensers & Water Purifiers in brand name “SURE”. As brand “SURE” in the Water Dispenser & Water Purification industry have a business network across India, UAE, Singapore & Africa. The credibility of our products has been accepted in the Middle East Region since 1998, with a turnover of 3000+ Water Dispensers for the first year. Our continuous process of research & development to have the best innovation every year has given us a wide range of Water Dispensers consisting of Different Functionalities, Sizes & Colors. All these new innovations, without compromising on the quality of the product has grown our company to sell 325,000+ Water Dispensers a year in 2016.
We offer the safest water dispensers and set ourselves above all other companies, by offering a wide range of safety solution like CB Certified for the electric safety, Child Safety Lock, and many more. We apply creative techniques to innovate new products to achieve new functionality, better productivity, and better performance. High Quality Products focused on long term success, achieved through strenuous testing cycles.
As Brand “SURE” we guarantee our customer’s satisfaction by using the most reliable parts in all our systems. We also thrive on our belief of integrity and excellence by providing timely response to customer’s requests. For every sale we do, we take utmost care while selling the product to the Dealer, End User Customer, that we can have a recall value for our products and the client is satisfied while further selling or using our products.
Mr. Ruturaj Kinkhabwala, Proprietor, has been working in this industry in India since 2014 and has travelled across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Simandhra & Chhatisgarh to develop a Dealer Network for selling our range of Water Dispensers, which includes a niche range of 6 Stage RO-UV with Hot & Cold Water Dispensers.
Under the guidance of Managing Director, Mr. S. B. Jain & Executive Director, Mr. Jinesh Jain, of Brand “SURE”, and their Quality Mission of “Customer Satisfaction First, and to deliver world class products”, in 2017, we have started to develop Retail Market of Water Purifiers, wherein we give customized solutions for Domestic and Commercial RO & Water Softener Units in the state of Gujarat.